Lip Blush to Beautify Your Lips

Wow Brows Studio offers permanent Lip Blush - a special type of tinting and micro stroking that can give lips a fuller, plumper, and more defined look. Plus, the color pigments are specially formulated for sensitive skin. So forget about faded colors after one day and say hello to beautiful luscious lips all week long!

Are You Tired Of Having To Re-Apply Your Lipstick Every Day?

Get ready to go from lip fussing to feeling fabulous with our expertly applied Lip Blush treatments that leave you looking your best while preserving your lip's natural beauty. And there's no need for painful lip injections or surgeries – just easy maintenance afterward!

We Specialize In The Following:

Natural lip blush –

Natural lip blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that enhances lips' natural shape and color. During this technique, a pigment is applied to the lips' surface, adding depth and definition.

Lipstick effect –

Do you wish to experience the difference in lipstick effect? This technique will provide an intensified hue and a more precise outline, creating the illusion of continuously wearing lipstick.

Perfect contour –

The procedure involves adding a soft blush shade to your lips, using either feathering or shading techniques. This creates a smoother, more subtle look than traditional lip tattoos.

This amazing treatment will give you gorgeous lips and complete confidence. Enjoy beautiful results that last up to two years! Our special formula is designed for brilliant color payoff and enhanced with antioxidants and minerals that help keep your lips healthy and hydrated. It's time for you to express yourself in vibrant colors!



Natural Look
Long Lasting Color
Natural Enhancements

Whether you wish for a subtle hint of shade or something more dramatic, our trained artists will use specially designed pigments to customize natural dyes for every skin tone.


FAQs on Lip blush

The procedure is generally not considered painful as most technicians use topical numbing agents to reduce discomfort.
It is important to consult with your technician before the procedure and explain what results you would like to achieve. Additionally, follow your technician's pre-care instructions to ensure the best results.
It is recommended to avoid putting on makeup or touching your lips for at least 24 hours following the treatment. Additionally, avoid sun exposure and drink plenty of water to help keep your lip color looking vibrant.
The most common risks associated with Lip Blush treatments are infection, pigmentation changes, and allergic reactions. It is important to follow aftercare instructions closely to reduce the risk of these side effects. Additionally, it is best to consult with a certified technician for the procedure.

Please book an appointment with us and start your journey toward perfect pouty kisses!

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What people say about
Wow Brows Studio
Anna is amazing I love her. She pays attention and listen to what you want. She does an outstanding job. I will always go back to her. 👍😊
corinne hooton
corinne hooton
She is very passionate about her work & it shows! She left me speechless with my eyebrows & I am completely in love with them!!!
Priscilla Gonzalez
Priscilla Gonzalez
This place is amazing!! Anna did such a great job on my brows!! They came out perfect! I recommend her to anyone who needs any work done. She has a great personality and makes you feel comfortable. Can’t wait to see her again!! Thank you Anna!
My eyebrows look fantastic thanks to Dr. Anna Dixon. I get good compliments about them. A year ago I visited Dr. Anna Dixon for eyebrow correction. She reshape them and added a different color pigment to my eyebrows. My eyebrows looked grayish-blue. She made them look more natural. She also did my 3 month touch up, and my one year touch up. Dr. Dixon is the greatest, I love her work. Not only does she does eyebrows, she also does permanent eyeliner and lips. I have recommended her to my family, friends and coworkers.
Josie Irma Fregoso
Josie Irma Fregoso
I did permanent lip makeup in this studio. I am very satisfied with the result. I had no idea that the permanent makeup can look so natural
Wonder Catering Bartenders
Wonder Catering Bartenders
Absolutely lover her !!!! Extremely knowledgeable. She is incredible!!!
Jennifer Dunbier
Jennifer Dunbier
I had an amazing experienced with her. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. My eyebrows still looks the after two years. I recommended her to everyone that I asked where I got it done.
Alma Reyes
Alma Reyes
amazing work! got my lip blush done December 2021, lips still looking amazing and natural 9 months later. Would definitely recommend as i will be booking my retouch 👄
Arianna Tirado
Arianna Tirado
First time I went to Mz. Anna Dixon was in November of 2020, for My Eyebrows, I had very little, you could say I was almost Bald. I found Mz. Anna Dixon on Instagram I'm sooo Thaankful I found her! I honestly Thank God for finding her! She is Amazing, Talented, Has sooo Much Knowledge, Mz. Anna Dixon Has and Had Soo much Patience For me.. lol Not only is She Amazing But her family are Amazing as well! But like I said I was almost bald on my Eyebrows, for years I was like that, I always had to draw them on, it was embarrassing, especially if I sweat or rub my face they would come off.. Anna Helped me with that, with her Amazing Talent, I know I Drove her nuts, lol because I was one of those people wait but wait.. etc.. lol.. Not only has Has she done my Eyebrows But she has Done my Eyeliner and Lips I also has Tattoo Removal done.. Having Cosmetic tattooing Done is something that you just don't pick anyone off the street. This is something that is gonna be permanent on your face. I was sooo scared and nervous, but Mz. Anna Dixon Made me feel comfortable not just because she is an AWESOME PERSON, BUT SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE'S TALKING ABOUT, SHE'S BREAKS IT DOWN TO YOU AND EPLAINS WHAT SHE IS GOING TO DO. Mz. Anna Has alot of knowledge, and she listens to your Concerns and Questions that you may have. I will always keep going to Mz. Anna Dixon and I will Always Refer Her To Anyone and Everyone. All Anyone has to do is go to a Consultation and You'll just know. Mz. Anna Dixons Character Speaks for itself!!.. Mz. Anna Dixon Thank you For All You Have Done For Me, You Helped To rebuild Something I Lost Long Ago, MY CONFIDENCE! I JUST LUV YA HUNNY!
Dana Carrizales
Dana Carrizales
El lugar es un lugar muy agradable limpio ,Anna dixon una de las mejores en maquillaje permanente su trabajo es excelente la recomiendo y como persona es una excelente mujer que lo hace centir a uno en un ambiente muy agradable durante el proceso de su trabajo
Michele Cruz
Michele Cruz
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